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Recycled /second hand electronics needed

The following recycled/second hand electronics are needed urgently 1. Computer desktops, USB keyboards 2. External hard drives, pen drives 3. Laptops and tablets 4. Wifi signal detectors and jammers Please send your specifications and prices, so that a decision can be taken. Advertisement Bio-Plastic to replace ABS for LEGO’s, Moving To Renewable Plastic and Away […]

Toxins in electronics waste

Classic tube televisions hold between 4 and 8 pounds of lead per television. If not recycled, this lead ends up in landfills, potentially leaking into water and surrounding soil. Older computer monitors also contain lead and the fluorescent lamp in the screen contains mercury. The circuit board contains both lead and cadmium, which is a […]

Bay Area Power Adapter has OEM power adapters

Don’t but the china made knock off or something that may or may not work with you precious electronics. Buy the original power adapter that was made for your electronics. Find it at Bay Area Power Adapter