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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Bulk buyers, marketing agency, retailers needed for innovative, inexpensive, recycled products

Marketing agency, Bulk buyers online and offline needed for sale on consignment basis, for a wide range of inexpensive ecofriendly recycled handmade products, excellent margin offered. Product range will include newspaper bags plastic and foil pouches garlands, door decor, party decor paper/plastic flower necklaces, bracelets paper beads, paper bead necklaces, bracelets recycled handmade penstand flower […]

Training for recycling products

Consultancy and Training offered to students, self help groups, NGOs on how to recycle non biodegradable household waste like 1. Milk bag 2. Plastic bread bag 3. Tetrapak container 4. Foil packaging for biscuit 5. Cardboard 6. Plastic water and juice bottles 7. Plastic containers and other plastic packaging like carry bag Training will be […]