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Indian, goan officials have a very unprofessional approach to managing non degradable waste, bottles

Most countries are very professional in dealing with non degradable waste like bottles, encourage people to recycle to the maximum extent possible, For example the media reported that Turkey organization was paying people for their empty PET bottles and other waste, so that it could be recycled properly instead of littering the roads and public places.
However in India, the officials are extremely intolerant and refuse to acknowledge that every person has the right to recycle whatever they have purchased, instead criticizing the person for not keeping their home spic and span, subjecting them to identity theft
When other countries have used bottles for sale schemes, why are goan officials not willing to acknowledge the fact that used bottles, containers can be recycled

Using recycled material, plants survive without being watered daily

The intolerant intelligence and security agencies are quick to defame engineers who store material for recycling in their house as not keeping their house clean, howeve the recycled materials are being used for research, and developing new technologies of growing plants with very less water

Most of the pots which are available with nurseries and plant vendors do not contain quality soil, the plants will wilt and die if they are not watered daily
On the other hand, the pots made using recycled materials help in water conservation
For example the domain investor was away in Mumbai for nearly a week in October 2018, some of the plants in pots she purchased from a nursery, wilted and died because they were not watered daily.

However the plants which were grown in the pots made using recycled materials have survived indicating that recycled material can also help in saving water. However the well paid government employees are extremely intolerant and discourage innovation, so they do not appreciate the effort

Looking for suppliers of empty used plastic bottles

Looking for suppliers of empty used plastic bottles, for water,other beverages, oil and other products
Will pay according to the capacity of the bottle, only bottles with capacity of 500 ml or more will be considered
The rate for each bottle is bottle volume X 0.1 rupee
For example for 1 liter empty used bottle, 10 paise will be paid.
Bottles should not have large holes
The bottles are recycled and used for gardening
Minimum bottle value of Rs 1, 10 bottles will be considered
Other sizes of bottles can also be considered. Please note that glass bottle, with a narrow opening are not considered at present
Please send an email to

google competitor forced to pile up junk on terrace to prevent criminal trespassing

Criminal trespassing is a major problem faced by the google competitor, and it appears that the trespassers and jumping on to the terrace from the neighbours house.
So one of the best ways to block the criminal trespassing is by covering the place where the trespassers are entering the house with a lot of garbage.
The trespassers are very cleanliness conscious and delicate, so they will not risk jumping into a pile of garbage
So though people may complain, piling up junk at the entry place favored by the trespassers is the best way to ensure that they do not enter the house

Refusal to recycle, upcycle in India leads to mountains of garbage

One of the reasons why india is facing a major problem of waste, garbage and shortage of landfills, is that the attitude of the powerful intelligence and security agencies which discourages indian citizens from recycling or upcycling the waste which they generate in their home.
Citizens who keep items in their home for recycling or upcycling are unfairly labelled as lazy, dirty and subjected to identity theft by the extremely intolerant intelligence and security agencies, especially in panaji, goa
These powerful government employees lack the vision, honesty to realize that a household generating a lot of waste material like that of google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, is increasing the load on the civic waste disposal system , their employees have to spend more time and money to dispose of the large amount of waste effectively without polluting the environment
On the other hand, those who reuse the waste like packaging material in their homes for gardening and other activities are not only saving some money, they are also reducing the burden on the civic waste disposal system, reducing the landfill required
However in 2018, india lacks both leaders and officials who have the vision, honesty and analytical ability to understand that rewarding citizens who do not generate waste is beneficial in the long term, and keeping the house immaculately clean, generating a huge amount of waste like the 10 google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, are damaging the environment and should be penalized

Gujju identity theft gang now harassing google competitor for storing material for recycling

With the gujju identity theft gang led by ntro employee parmar, blocking almost all payment, orders, to cover up the identity theft fraud on the google competitor, the google competitor has very limited resources, in goa, and tries to make full use of whatever she has, trying to recycle the packaging. On the other hand, google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh and her family is flush with black money, so they throw out large amounts of packaging regularly, because they are very well connected, despite not being educated

Now the ruthless cunning gujju identity theft gang hiding behind google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh is trying to ensure that the google competitor has no packaging and other material left for recycling so that they can easily force her to agree to identity theft, when she is without any online and offline asset. So the shameless liar google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh is now falsely blaming the google competitor for the illness of her delicate sons , falsely claiming that keeping the material for recycling is responsible for their illness , when the fact is that the sons of the uneducated cbi employee have poor immunity due to the sedentary life

Flush with black money, school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife rewards young sons with vehicles, blames google competitor for their poor immunity
In most families teenagers and middle class children do not have their own vehicle till they start working, earn their own money and purchase a vehicle of their own, if at all. Till then most children and young adults are using public transport, walking. The domain investor owning this website does not own a vehicle , and usually walks, uses public transport, which could be the reason why she does not suffer from serious illnesses often, despite being subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses since 2010.

Though walking is time consuming and requires some effort, it is widely proved that walking is good for health, improves the immunity . However flush with black money, google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh, rewards young sons with vehicles, scooters, expensive cars costing Rs 12 lakh or more, regularly, so that they almost always use their vehicle and hardly walk long distances, lead a sedentary life.

So due to lack of proper exercise the young sons of the school dropout cbi employee naina have poor immunity and fall sick immediately when a mosquito bites them. Instead of realizing that lack of exercise like walking is largely responsible for the health problems of her extremely delicate sons, and they have a weak immune system, which makes them fall sick often, the arrogant greedy fraud school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife blames google competitor for their poor immunity

The harassment of the google competitor for keeping recycling material in her house, is a clear indication of how ruthless the gujju identity theft gang, google, tata are

Broke google competitor, identity theft victim forced to recycle

Indian intelligence and security agencies bribed by google,tata are ruthless in causing financial losses to experienced engineers, domain investors who they have subjected to identity theft to get google,tata sponsored sex workers, frauds R&AW/cbi jobs with the stolen identity ,in addition to stealing their savings without a court order or legally valid reason, these government officials are ruthless in blocking payment , orders.

So the identity theft victim has very limited sources of income and is forced to recycle whatever limited resources she has. The items which are to be recycled are stored in the house, yet the hypocrite greedy security agency employees who have stolen the savings, and causing the financial problems blocking payment are also objecting to keeping the items for recycling in the house.

The greedy selfish government employees are getting a good monthly government salary, so they do not understand the problems faced by private citizens, whose savings they have stolen and have a limited source of income, so they quick to label the material kept for recycling as kachra, and use it as an excuse for further cheating and exploiting the domain investor, identity theft victim.

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Juices, juicers, drinks, beverages

During summer in tropical regions, temperatures increase and many people sweat a lot, become dehydrated and feel thirsty. So in addition to water, they also drink a lot of juices to regain the minerals and other nutrients which lose when they sweat
There are many beverages available in the market, and the quality, price, packaging of these juices,soft drinks varies a lot. For comparison of these refreshments, check juices, soft drinks, beverages available in India, especially goa

Cheapest 5 plant gardening deal pack with low maintenance, easy to grow plants

Available cheap gardening deal with 5 low maintenance plants, ideal for those who travel, as most plants will survive even if they are not watered for 1 week

The plant pack consists of the following plants
– aloe vera plant
– jade plant
– moneyplant
– ajwain with edible leaves
– portulucca with yellow flowers

Gardening deal pack available for Rs 499 only

Bulk buyers can contact
The plants will be supplied with roots in a small recycled container. Customers can transfer the plants into large pots if required

Packaging design, tips ,economy

One of the main reasons why flooding has increased in the last few decades in India is because companies are increasingly using plastic and other materials like aluminized foil for packaging, Earlier if plastic, glass bottles were used for packaging, they could be used for storing other items. However almost all items like biscuits are supplied with aluminum foil packaging which cannot be recycled or reused except for gardening
Plastic bags used for milk packaging were sold to the scrap dealer.
A look at packaging materials, effectiveness, reuse , tips, dealers purchasing packaging scrap material

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