Cotton waste recycling system

Truetzschler +LTG Cotton waste recycling system

YOM 2005. 1500 kgs./hr. capacity

Installed in 2006, but never used. The line can be used to recover cotton fibre from ginning waste. Stopped on mill floor in running condition.

Location Russia.

Price: on request

a) Bale opener Blendomat BDTO19/2300 1 nos.

Width 2300 mm. — 23 m.

Blend commander with colour monitor

Double magnet MRO

b) Condenser LVSA 1 nos.

c) Bunker E-BX 1 nos.

d) Bale opener BX 1 nos.

e) Extended feeding table A – BX 1 nos.

Width 1600 mm. length 1980 mm

f) H-BX

g) STB heavy material separator 1 nos.

h) Foreign material detector SCB 1 nos.

i) Splitter VT2

j) Condenser LVSA/MFC 2 nos.

k) Pre-cleaner MAXI-FLO MFC 2 nos.

l) Splitter VT2 2 nos.

m) Waste-o-mat 4 nos.

n) Filtration system LTG

a. Filter drum with pre-filter

b. TFB + TVM 1 nos 0,37 kW

c. Radial Fan. 1 nos. 110 kW

d. Feeding Fan 1 nos

o) Fibre collection drum FKC

p) Cyclone separator ZSA 2 nos.

q) waste briquetting press 2 nos.

a. (30 kW, 300 Bar pressure , 240 briquettes/hour)

r) prefilter for waste 2 nos.

s) waste collection from pre-futer FKA 2 nos.

t) fibre collection unit for briquetting press FKA

u) fully automatic baling press (bale weight 450 kg. max) 2 nos.

a. motor 18.5 kW

b. baling pressure 35 tons

c. Automatic bale tying

d. Electronic controls

v) Electronic control panel

From S&D Limited

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Recycling Extruder

Recycling Extruder With Die Face Cutter Under Water
Suitable for LD / HD / HM
Agglomerated & Grinded
Material of Articals

Side Force feeder Optional

Model HP TOTAL HP Out put kgs/hr
90 25 65 90 to 100
100 40 85 125 to 140
120 60 115 180 to 200

Recycling Extruder With Pelletizer Line

Suitable for LD / HD / HM / PP
Agglomerated & Grinded
Material of Articals Model HP TOTAL HP Out put kgs/hr
90 25 50 90 to 100
100 40 70 125 to 140
120 60 100 180 to 200


Solvent recycling

Hongyi (hk) Environmental Equipment Co., LTD.
produces and sells solvent recycling machines.
Solvent Recycling Machine uses to separates the contaminants (like ink, paint, pigments, grease, resins, oils, etc.) from the original solvent (like thinner, toluene, methanol, hydrocarbon, xylene, ethyl acetate, acetone, IPA, etc.) to allow its re-use.

Claim to be the largest Solvent Recycling Machine manufacturer in China.
can customize the Solvent Recycling Machine according to the requirements of customers.
Used solvent recycling with Cal star Solvent Recycling Machine provides many benefits, such as:
1. Savings on new solvent purchasing, and waste solvent disposal.
2. Lower EPA generator status, meaning less paperwork and fees.
3. Reduced onsite hazardous waste storage.
4. Increased productivity of solvent cleaning operation.
5. Lower labor costs associated with storage and transport of solvent waste.
6. Using a Solvent Recycling Machine allows companies to do right by the environment while reducing costs.
Shenzhen Kuanbao Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.
NO.3 Long gang Road, Long gang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.