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Overpriced recycled products find few buyers

While there are many people who make excellent items out of recycled products, they usually find it difficult to get buyers because they are usually overpricing them. The problem is particularly severe in Goa where most items are highly priced. In an exhibition for recycled items, it is difficult to find any item listed which […]

Fabric cut pieces from tailoring, garment and textile factories needed

Fabric cut pieces, left overs,cuttings and other unwanted fabric from tailoring shop, garment and textile factories needed at the lowest price preferably on weight or less than Rs 15/meter. Can collect any amount of fabric of all material,cotton, polyester, blend,georgette, cambric, muslin, linem, size on a daily/weekly basis. Please send an email to or […]

Should I consider buying used garments and Why is it important to recycle old clothing?

When you buy top quality secondhand shoes and clothing you are helping to recycle because you’re not buying new garments. It takes a lot of resources to make new clothes and by purchasing used you are saving some of those resources from being needed to make new clothes. If you buy used you are helping the […]

Advantages of recycling

Recycling cloth and textiles saves energy and reduces pollution that would result from transportation and particularly the dyeing and color fixing processes applied to new, raw cloth. In particular, recycling really helps in this case by saving water, which is used in large quantity to wash and treat raw cloth. Recycling textiles via donation, benefits […]

Reuse of recycled clothes

Clothing items that cannot be sold on or repaired can go through another recycling method. This involves collecting post-industrial waste, cloth and scraps left over from fabric and garment manufacture, and post-consumer waste – used clothes and other household textiles. All the fabric is sorted according to type, color and grade, and then shredded into […]

Recycling clothes

Recycling is one of the most rapidly and successfully evolving procedures of environmental conservation. In fact, it is among the most talked about issue these days and the increasing number of people is participating in recycling waste in varied ways. People have realized the importance to save the environment and thus they are trying their […]

ABS-6509 repro pellets

recycler in Korea, can supply ABS-6509 repro pellets as follows. 1. product: ABS repro pellets. 2. grade: Injection grade. 3. color: black color(refer to picture). 4. packing: 600kg big bags. 5. loading quantity: 24 ton in 40″FCL. 6. country of origin: Korea. 7. Available quantity per month: 150 ton. 8. price: Advise your destination Young […]