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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cotton waste recycling system

Truetzschler +LTG Cotton waste recycling system YOM 2005. 1500 kgs./hr. capacity Installed in 2006, but never used. The line can be used to recover cotton fibre from ginning waste. Stopped on mill floor in running condition. Location Russia. Price: on request a) Bale opener Blendomat BDTO19/2300 1 nos. Width 2300 mm. — 23 m. Blend […]

Websites for deindexed domains from $1.49

Websites for deindexed domains Have you registered a domain which is now deindexed ? Is the expensive high PR domain purchased at a domain auction deindexed? Are your parked domains deindexed? Get your own website with web hosting for 1 year for only $1.49 / month or a blog for $2.99/month. Each package includes 1. […]

8 Frauds get intelligence agency jobs to punish recycler

In an indication of the high levels of corruption, nepotism in the indian intelligence agencies, at least 7-8 fraud women have got lucrative permanent government jobs in Indian intelligence agencies faking their resume, to punish a harmless webmaster who was trying to earn a living recycling domain names. In all other sectors recycling has been […]