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Waste treatment facility in panaji, polluting environment according to media report

In most states of india, engineers with a good JEE rank are treated with respect, their advice valued, however in panaji, goa, bribed by google, tata, the local intelligence and security are openly involved in identity theft of harmless women engineers with good JEE rank, and falsely claim google, tata sponsored goan call girls, school […]

Volume of newspaper,leaf mulch declines after some time

People are always asking why newspapers, leaf is kept in the house, however it it a fact that the volume of the newspaper, leaf mulch is declining to a very great extent after a few months. Though this a very good type of mulch for a pot, and has good water retention, it is breaking […]

Indian, goan officials have a very unprofessional approach to managing non degradable waste, bottles

Most countries are very professional in dealing with non degradable waste like bottles, encourage people to recycle to the maximum extent possible, For example the media reported that Turkey organization was paying people for their empty PET bottles and other waste, so that it could be recycled properly instead of littering the roads and public […]

Using recycled material, plants survive without being watered daily

The intolerant intelligence and security agencies are quick to defame engineers who store material for recycling in their house as not keeping their house clean, howeve the recycled materials are being used for research, and developing new technologies of growing plants with very less water Most of the pots which are available with nurseries and […]

Looking for suppliers of empty used plastic bottles

Looking for suppliers of empty used plastic bottles, for water,other beverages, oil and other products Will pay according to the capacity of the bottle, only bottles with capacity of 500 ml or more will be considered The rate for each bottle is bottle volume X 0.1 rupee For example for 1 liter empty used bottle, […]

google competitor forced to pile up junk on terrace to prevent criminal trespassing

Criminal trespassing is a major problem faced by the google competitor, and it appears that the trespassers and jumping on to the terrace from the neighbours house. So one of the best ways to block the criminal trespassing is by covering the place where the trespassers are entering the house with a lot of garbage. […]

Refusal to recycle, upcycle in India leads to mountains of garbage

One of the reasons why india is facing a major problem of waste, garbage and shortage of landfills, is that the attitude of the powerful intelligence and security agencies which discourages indian citizens from recycling or upcycling the waste which they generate in their home. Citizens who keep items in their home for recycling or […]

Gujju identity theft gang now harassing google competitor for storing material for recycling

With the gujju identity theft gang led by ntro employee parmar, blocking almost all payment, orders, to cover up the identity theft fraud on the google competitor, the google competitor has very limited resources, in goa, and tries to make full use of whatever she has, trying to recycle the packaging. On the other hand, […]

Broke google competitor, identity theft victim forced to recycle

Indian intelligence and security agencies bribed by google,tata are ruthless in causing financial losses to experienced engineers, domain investors who they have subjected to identity theft to get google,tata sponsored sex workers, frauds R&AW/cbi jobs with the stolen identity ,in addition to stealing their savings without a court order or legally valid reason, these government […]

Juices, juicers, drinks, beverages

During summer in tropical regions, temperatures increase and many people sweat a lot, become dehydrated and feel thirsty. So in addition to water, they also drink a lot of juices to regain the minerals and other nutrients which lose when they sweat There are many beverages available in the market, and the quality, price, packaging […]