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Beer bottles not recycled quickly

Many tourists visit goa for consuming cheap beer, whisky and alchoholic drinks, yet few steps are taken to ensure that the beer, drink, bottles and cans do not litter the place. In larger cities, these glass bottles or cans are collected almost immediately because the raddhi wala or scrap shop will pay a premium for […]

Recycling to make plant fertilizer

Looking for information or advice on how to recycle household waste to make fertilizer or soil for growing plants. Household waste can be classified into egg shells fish and meat waste vegetable peeling, skin rotting fruit and vegetable Tea and coffee residue If vermicomposting will not be possible, would like to know the other options […]

Recycling guides needed for householded products

Looking for ideas/guides books on recycling bottles 2.plastic bags 3.plastic cups 4.paper bags 5.plastic mineral water and other bags Specifically interested in recycling for creating home decor or utility items. Please send your offers to

Should I consider buying used garments and Why is it important to recycle old clothing?

When you buy top quality secondhand shoes and clothing you are helping to recycle because you’re not buying new garments. It takes a lot of resources to make new clothes and by purchasing used you are saving some of those resources from being needed to make new clothes. If you buy used you are helping the […]

Preventing the Need for Air Conditioning Repair

The hot summers require Houston area residents to run their air conditioning units frequently. Constant running of the unit without proper care by the homeowner can have residents calling for AC service and repair. But with a little due diligence, AC units can keep homeowners comfortable throughout the hot summer. One of the most common issues Houston […]

Recycling oily paper/cloth

It is difficult to recycle oily paper, so it is advisable to dispose it off along with  solid waste  at the dump. Clothing may be sent to the thrift store or cut up for rags In case you’re interested in knowing more info on photo poster printing, stop by Cut To Size Plastic Pieces […]


Organic waste can be converted into manure by using earthworms.   This is an eco friendly way of disposing off biodegradable wastes.

Recycling household waste

In most poor or developing countries, due to the scarcity of resources,  waste material is rarely thrown away. It is recycled, and the local scrap dealer will pay the person some money depending on the resale value of the goods. On the other hand, people in developed countries often have to pay the recyclers or […]