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Recycling to make plant fertilizer

Always prepare before you make a choice. There is so much info about vapewholesaleusa at Looking for information or advice on how to recycle household waste to make fertilizer or soil for growing plants. Household waste can be classified into egg shells fish and meat waste vegetable peeling, skin rotting fruit and vegetable Tea […]

Should I consider buying used garments and Why is it important to recycle old clothing?

When you buy top quality secondhand shoes and clothing you are helping to recycle because you’re not buying new garments. It takes a lot of resources to make new clothes and by purchasing used you are saving some of those resources from being needed to make new clothes. If you buy used you are helping the […]

Recycling human hair

There are lots of great uses for human hair. Instead of throwing it away, it can be put to good use around your home. In fact, using cut hair for jewelry, clothes, sculptures, fertilizer and even furniture is not very uncommon, a practice. It can be used again for your pets, made into clothing, and […]


Organic waste can be converted into manure by using earthworms.   This is an eco friendly way of disposing off biodegradable wastes.