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Overpriced recycled products find few buyers

April 11, 2016 by Posted in: plasticproductsrecycledrecyclingtextilesUncategorized

While there are many people who make excellent items out of recycled products, they usually find it difficult to get buyers because they are usually overpricing them. The problem is particularly severe in Goa where most items are highly priced.
In an exhibition for recycled items, it is difficult to find any item listed which will cost less than Rs 50 with most items costing Rs 400 or more, which only reasonably wealthy individuals can afford.
As a result, the sales volume of the recycled items remains less, and so few people are interested in recycling.
For example for a small purse , a vendor was selling the purse for Rs 20 and Rs 40. On other hand, another vendor was selling purses for as much as Rs 80 to Rs 160 for similar size purses. people purchase recycled items because they are cheaper, if they are over priced, few will purchase them