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Solvent recycling

February 22, 2012 by Posted in: machineryproductsrecycledUncategorized

Hongyi (hk) Environmental Equipment Co., LTD.
produces and sells solvent recycling machines.
Solvent Recycling Machine uses to separates the contaminants (like ink, paint, pigments, grease, resins, oils, etc.) from the original solvent (like thinner, toluene, methanol, hydrocarbon, xylene, ethyl acetate, acetone, IPA, etc.) to allow its re-use.

Claim to be the largest Solvent Recycling Machine manufacturer in China.
can customize the Solvent Recycling Machine according to the requirements of customers.
Used solvent recycling with Cal star Solvent Recycling Machine provides many benefits, such as:
1. Savings on new solvent purchasing, and waste solvent disposal.
2. Lower EPA generator status, meaning less paperwork and fees.
3. Reduced onsite hazardous waste storage.
4. Increased productivity of solvent cleaning operation.
5. Lower labor costs associated with storage and transport of solvent waste.
6. Using a Solvent Recycling Machine allows companies to do right by the environment while reducing costs.
Shenzhen Kuanbao Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.
NO.3 Long gang Road, Long gang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.