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Fabric cut pieces from tailoring, garment and textile factories needed

Fabric cut pieces, left overs,cuttings and other unwanted fabric from tailoring shop, garment and textile factories needed at the lowest price preferably on weight or less than Rs 15/meter. Can collect any amount of fabric of all material,cotton, polyester, blend,georgette, cambric, muslin, linem, size on a daily/weekly basis.
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Plastic melting/fusing device needed for recycling

Looking for a low cost device for melting/fusing plastic from
1. Milk bag
2. Plastic bread bag
3. plastic carry bag
without leaving a residue , will be used for recycling plastic waste products into useful items
Bulk orders for suitable item.
Please send an email to and with product specification, pricing and other terms and conditions,.



Business opportunity in recycling sector

Indians may keep their homes extremely clean, yet almost all indian cities are very dirty, with discarded packaging littering the streets, roads, footpaths in many indian cities, towns, beaches, tourist location, railway tracks. Despite having a huge population, no person or company seems to have attended the problem scientifically converting the non bio degradable waste into useful product. This will not only reduce raw material cost, it will save valuable space. Even in a city like panaji, where the opportunities are extremely limited, the footpaths are littered with empty bottles, cans, plastic bags, it appears that no one has taken the initiative to collect and dispose of the waste in a scientific manner, earn money in the process. Looking for a partner /company to deal with government authorities to get the permission to collect the waste, please send an email to and . Only very honest people should apply,

Recycled plastic and foil pouches available

Interested in finding buyers/marketing agent for handmade recycled plastic and foil pouches of sizes ranging 3″ X 4″ to 5″X 8″ at extremely low prices, a fraction of the price of zip lock bags available. Pouches of other sizes, or custom designs can also be provided. Transparent water proof pouches are ideal for storage of pen drives, memory cards, keys, coins, as the content can be checked without opening the pouch. Samples available on request, please send address .
Please send email to or

Used Glass bottle buyers needed

Interested in contacting traders/buyers for used empty glass bottles/energy drink/beer cans, especially glass bottle buyers/manufacturers/ground cullet end users/traders. can arrange to supply the same at the earliest.

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Government liason agent needed for recycling solution

Government liason agent needed to find out how much money does the muncipality/local government spend annually on waste disposal (non biodegradable waste) and whether they are interested in an alternate solutions for waste disposal which will be eco friendly and also save money and space. Specially interested in disposal of plastic bags, bottles, foil. Willing to pay a percentage of the amount earned or form a partnership. Only interested in working with organizations that pay on time.
Please send email to or

Recycled plastic and paper flowers available

Handmade Recycled paper and plastic flowers available in India at a very low cost for stores selling eco friendly products. These flowers are made from waste paper, cardboard and non bio degradable plastic waste and are available in different colours.
Custom designs are available.
For photos send an email to

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Reverse My Tinnitus, Obsession Phrases ebook, The Beta Switch diet

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Handmade recycled paper bags

Specifications of handmade recycled paper bags from newspapers available.
Inexpensive alternative to plastic bags
Size : 16 cm X 26 cm
Material : English Newsprint
Suitable for stationery, cards, embroidery items, clothes, cosmetic items, soaps,combs, gifts for parties,snacks, fruits
Ecofriendly and biodegradable
Will be sent by speed post or VPP within 2 days of receipt of order to any part of the country
Paper bags of other sizes, designs,othe paper, handmade crafts are also available on request.
Minimum order quantity : 25 bags
Can be customized by pasting advertisements or promotional material
Price per bag : 35 paise per bag

Handmade newspaper bags of other sizes, design are also available on request.

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