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Government liason agent needed for recycling solution

Government liason agent needed to find out how much money does the muncipality/local government spend annually on waste disposal (non biodegradable waste) and whether they are interested in an alternate solutions for waste disposal which will be eco friendly and also save money and space. Specially interested in disposal of plastic bags, bottles, foil. Willing to pay a percentage of the amount earned or form a partnership. Only interested in working with organizations that pay on time.
Please send email to or

Recycled plastic and paper flowers available

Handmade Recycled paper and plastic flowers available in India at a very low cost for stores selling eco friendly products. These flowers are made from waste paper, cardboard and non bio degradable plastic waste and are available in different colours.
Custom designs are available.
For photos send an email to

Reverse My Tinnitus, Obsession Phrases ebook for men and women

Ebooks which provide advice on health problems like Reverse My Tinnitus and dating guides like Obsession Phrases ebook for men and Obsession Phrases ebook for women are some of the more popular ebooks available online. While a single Reverse My Tinnitus review , Obsession Phrases review for women, Obsession Phrases review for men will provide an overview of the ebook, reading a number of Reverse My Tinnitus reviews, Obsession Phrases reviews for women, Obsession Phrases reviews for men can help the user to find out whether most users have found the guide useful to make a purchase. It also advisable to check the website , for women and for men, before taking a decision on buying the digital guide.

Reverse My Tinnitus, Obsession Phrases ebook, The Beta Switch diet

Digital guides on reversing Tinnitus, dating for women, and dieting are always in demand, hence websites like, Obsession Phrases ebook and The Beta Switch diet have been developed. While a Obsession Phrases review will give an overview of the ebook, reading a number of Reverse My Tinnitus reviews, Obsession Phrases reviews and The Beta Switch Reviews will help find out if all the users have found these guides effective, whether there has been a scam. For information on Reverse My Tinnitus download check the website, for the dating guidebook visit and more information on The Beta Switch program can be found at

Handmade recycled paper bags

Specifications of handmade recycled paper bags from newspapers available.
Inexpensive alternative to plastic bags
Size : 16 cm X 26 cm
Material : English Newsprint
Suitable for stationery, cards, embroidery items, clothes, cosmetic items, soaps,combs, gifts for parties,snacks, fruits
Ecofriendly and biodegradable
Will be sent by speed post or VPP within 2 days of receipt of order to any part of the country
Paper bags of other sizes, designs,othe paper, handmade crafts are also available on request.
Minimum order quantity : 25 bags
Can be customized by pasting advertisements or promotional material
Price per bag : 35 paise per bag

Handmade newspaper bags of other sizes, design are also available on request.

Please send your offer or request for information to, or use the contact form

Recycling waste paper


We are looking for an inexpensive machine for recycling waste paper and/or a consultant for providing advice on recyling waste paper to make handmade paper. Prefer compact machine which can be also used at home. Kindly send your detailed specification for , terms and condition, best price, contact details for the same at the earliest, so that we can contact you at the earliest. Please send your offer to and Recycling machine manufacturers with a buyback offer are also preferred

Wanted second hand books and magazines

Want to buy unwanted second hand fiction and non fiction books and magazines, engineering text books especially civil and mechanical engineering. Will collect from doorstep anywhere in and around Panjim, goa or provide address for delivering the books . We also provide the following second hand magazines on sale or for reading at a very nominal rate.
India Today
Outlook Business
Outlook Money
Business India
Electronics for you
More magazines will be added to the list on a regular basis. Please send your requirement or offer for books, magazines and other periodicals to or

Memory healer program, weight destroyer

The memory healer program and weight destroyer are products available online to solve two major issues that people face, poor memory and being overweight. Reading a memory healer review or weight destroyer review will give an overview of the program, what it consists of. Reading multiple memory healer program reviews will help to find out the percentage of users who have benefited from memory healer program. While a single memory healer review may be biased, reading a large number of memory healer program reviews will help to find out the effectiveness of memory healer alzheimers treatment. However, the reader should ensure that memory healer program reviews and the weight destroyer reviews are genuine and not manipulated by the seller or marketing associates. It may take some time for the weight destroyer program to be effective.

Weight Destroyer program, slimfy weight loss

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HSV Eraser Erase Herpes, the diabetes protocol, 6 Minutes To Skinny

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