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2012 Student Loan Debt Statistics

According to statistics experts the year 2012 is going to see student loans debt surpassing one trillion U.S. dollars. Student loans are expected to surpass credit card debit for the second time in a row. According to current statistic results on student loans, about a third of university students needed to apply for financial aid. However as the world has currently been facing a global financial crisis over two thirds of university student now require financial assistance. This has lead to the average debt per student increasing from U.S. $12 000 to U.S. 25 000 in the last 10 years.

Recycled textiles

Open End Spinning Mills located in Gresik – East Java, Indonesia. open end (Ne. 5s – 20s) manufacturer which is located in East Java. We specialize in producing environment friendly (recycle) textile product as below :

1. Cotton ( Regenerated Cotton Fiber 95 % , Other 5 % )
2. CVC Yarn ( Cotton > 55 % , Polyester < 45 % )
3. TC Yarn ( Polyester > 60 % , Cotton < 40 % )
4. TC Mix Color Yarn / Melange ( 65 % Polyester, 35 % Cotton)
5. TC or CVC Coloured Yarn ( Red, Black, Blue etc).

Our Open End Yarn can be applied for various purposes such as Knitted
Working Gloves, Towel, Carpet, Interlining fabric (for shoe, bag), Fabric (Knitted and woven), Socks and Upholstery.

have Blanket yarn too in count range Ne. 1s – 4s.

Address : Jl. Raya Driyorejo KM. 25 Gresik 61177 East Java – Indonesia