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Using recycled material, plants survive without being watered daily

November 12, 2018 by Posted in: Uncategorized

The intolerant intelligence and security agencies are quick to defame engineers who store material for recycling in their house as not keeping their house clean, howeve the recycled materials are being used for research, and developing new technologies of growing plants with very less water

Most of the pots which are available with nurseries and plant vendors do not contain quality soil, the plants will wilt and die if they are not watered daily
On the other hand, the pots made using recycled materials help in water conservation
For example the domain investor was away in Mumbai for nearly a week in October 2018, some of the plants in pots she purchased from a nursery, wilted and died because they were not watered daily.

However the plants which were grown in the pots made using recycled materials have survived indicating that recycled material can also help in saving water. However the well paid government employees are extremely intolerant and discourage innovation, so they do not appreciate the effort