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Fewer scrap shops in small towns

May 9, 2016 by Posted in: plasticproductsrecycledrecyclingUncategorized

In large metro cities there are a large number of scrap and junk shops which collect any kind of waste like
– old newspapers
– magazines
– notebooks
– loose paper
– plastic bottles
– glass bottles
– scrap metal
– scrap electronics

In small towns like panaji, goa there appear to be very few scrap shops as a result most waste is discarded into the dustbin increasing the load on the junk, discarded system. For example a few days ago, the entire school book set was noticed on the ground near the parking area, making it difficult to walk in the ara . In larger towns the family discarding the school books would have given the books to others in need like servants or sold to the neighbourhood scrap shop to get a few extra rupees.