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Business opportunity in recycling sector

January 12, 2015 by Posted in: productsrecycledrecyclingUncategorized

Indians may keep their homes extremely clean, yet almost all indian cities are very dirty, with discarded packaging littering the streets, roads, footpaths in many indian cities, towns, beaches, tourist location, railway tracks. Despite having a huge population, no person or company seems to have attended the problem scientifically converting the non bio degradable waste into useful product. This will not only reduce raw material cost, it will save valuable space. Even in a city like panaji, where the opportunities are extremely limited, the footpaths are littered with empty bottles, cans, plastic bags, it appears that no one has taken the initiative to collect and dispose of the waste in a scientific manner, earn money in the process. Looking for a partner /company to deal with government authorities to get the permission to collect the waste, please send an email to and . Only very honest people should apply,