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December 12, 2013 by Posted in: Uncategorized

Do you find yourself constantly thinking of ways to save money? As Christmas is only just around the corner we have listed some great money saving tips by reusing old household items with things you wouldn’t have even imagined!

  1. 1.      Make your own coasters

Think before you throw away that old piece of fabric you had lying about the house for months. Baring in mind the thickness of the fabric it could be highly suitable to recreate into a set of coasters. You even have the freedom of choosing whether to cut the fabric into a square or circle shape depending on acquired taste.


  1. 2.      Don’t throw away coffee tins!

As you scrape that last bit of coffee out the tin, stop before you throw it away. Coffee tins are the perfect cylinder shape to customise and reuse for storage. If you are looking to add the finishing touches to decorate that empty shelve then why not use an old piece of rope to wrap around the tin? This creates ideal storage for the bathroom keeping tidy the many products that you usually leave lying around. This is a great idea to clear away mess and save money at the same time.


  1. 3.      Never throw away ink cartridges

Think of all the times you have thrown away an ink cartridge, now you will be kicking yourself when you realise you could of saved money towards a new one each time. The cash back service for empty cartridges is quick and easy to do at Phoenix Direct. They send you freepost packaging for your used cartridges and will quote you a cash refund for the received goods.


  1. 4.      Reuse an old book for a bookmark

How many times have you aimlessly stared at that pile of books thinking they take up too much space? Before you consider throwing them away why not be creative and make your own book mark from the spines! This is quick and easy to do and is also a resourceful way to solve the forever missing bookmark problem.


  1. 5.      That egg slicer could come in handy

Make use of the egg slicer that has been at the back of your cupboard for who knows how long. If you rarely use it to slice an egg then how about putting it to good use by slicing food that you often eat. Strawberries and bananas would slice a treat making it quick and easy to add the finishing touches to that bowl of cereal or dessert. There are many other foods that could also easily be sliced such as olives and mushrooms, ideal for pizza toppings!


  1. 6.      Be creative with scrap

If you or anyone that you may know have had new windows fitted and are looking to throw away the old then rethink before you take that trip to the tip. Windows make great picture frames, especially wooden framed ones as you can paint the frame work to any colour of your choice!

The above is only a brief list of ways to save money with items you already have lying around the house, there are many more when you put your mind to it!