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SIM Only Deals: A New Beginning

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SIM only deals are gaining importance with each passing day.SIM only deal means, that the service provider will furnish the user only the SIM card and not the handset. The agreement between the provider and the user is regarding the SIM card and not the handset. The provider consist a package of texts, calls, data usage etc. for the user and gets paid for it. The user is not entitled to buy a specific new handset for this; he can readily buy the handset of his own choice and use the SIM instead. In the present times where the price of handsets is increasing with leaps and bounds, the SIM only contracts are a boon. These SIM only contracts provide a great degree of freedom to the users at a low cost.

Easily Affordable

The main attraction of the best SIM only deals is that they are really cheap. The service providers customize the package as per the requirement of the users. The rate of calls remain the same throughout which are much cheaper otherwise. Besides this, the users may be provided with extremely low rates of texts and a prolonged and cheap data usage. Not only this, many additional services are provided to such users free of cost.

Great Network Coverage

Gone are the days of poor network, the times when there used to be immense network problem. The SIM only deals ensure no such network failure hazards and guarantee efficient calls and network availability at all times and places. This makes it completely reliable as far as the people who carry their business over the phone are concerned.

No Long Term Commitment

Unlike the expensive smart phones which involve a contract for 2 to 3 years, the SIM only deals do not require Long term commitment. The contracts are for a short period of time which may range from 2-3 weeks to a month. Hence the users are independent to make choices as per their will and are not necessarily bound unlike the Smartphone contracts.

No Need of switching to a particular handset

The user is completely independent to select the handset of his choice. This clearly means that there is no need of buying an expensive handset. The user can clearly opt for second hand or unlocked handsets. This facilitates the user to experience the best of services at his budget.

Easy Change in Contracts

This is another advantage of the SIM only deals. If the user is not satisfied with one service provider, he can easily switch to another at negligible added fees. The user can simply select the best offer and go for it. Most of the service providers allow the users to give a 30 day notice during the usage for which they are not charged. However, if the user is entitled to a one or two year contract, the user is entitled to pay for the rest of the month.

There are a few disadvantages of the SIM only deals as well such as the user has to pay for his handset separately. This means that the service provider has nothing to do with the handset the user is supposed to buy; the user does not get any concessions which he would have got otherwise. The other disadvantage being that the user has to pay the price of getting the phone unlocked himself. In case the user switches operator he may have to get the phone unlocked as per required, the cost not being borne by the provider.

However, the advantages of a SIM only deal clearly outweigh the meager disadvantages, making it an excellent and an affordable choice for the consumers.

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