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Simple Steps of Learning HTML and CSS

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If you also want to follow suit of others, and create your own web site, then it is just the right time to get started. Whether you want to start a web site for submitting your blogs, or you have a business, and want to start its online store, then you are also one amongst the thousands, who are launching their own websites. Some people think that building a web site is a very difficult job. But it is nothing like that. It is quite easy to learn to build a web site. By the end of this article, you will learn to use HTML and CSS with quite an ease.

Basic knowledge of HTML:

Before you start building your web site, having knowledge of HTML is very important. If you are confused about the importance of HTML, then this is the basic language of your web site. This language was invented in 1990, for the help of reading of different scientists by Tim Berners – Lee. HTML is the basic requirement for creation of any website. The full form of HTML is “Hyper Text Mark – up Language”. You have to learn the use of different tags, as these are the basic requirement of HTML. One thing that you should make sure is to learn typing your tags in the lower case. Next you have to type all your tags in the HTML document, which is easily available online.

Few simple steps of learning HTML:

Many online sites are there, who teach you the proper way of using the HTML tags, coupled with proper example. You can use your laptop, to both learn the use of HTML, and also create a website by implementing what you have learned. Always learn from those sites that provide basic knowledge of using HTML, as they are the easiest way for a beginner.

Getting acquainted with CSS:

The CSS, or the Cascading Style Sheets, are used to control the look, as well as, your page layout quite easily. These tags are used to select the look and feel of your web page. It is very important for you to learn the use of cascading style for writing your style sheet. Next you have to add style sheets to your web page. There are three styles available for designing your web page. The first style is the inline style, where the element that is to be styled is added directly to the style that you want to give it. You can try different styles in your laptop before implementing it in the web page. The next type of style is the internal style, where you decide how you want the heading to look like. The third and the last style is the external style, which can be used in different web pages, thereby giving you lots of flexibility.

Advantages of using CSS:

In today’s world of freelance web designer, to be able to stand apart from the crowd, the use of CSS has become very important. Moreover, use of this method is useful for your client also. The different styles that you do by using CSS, is more, as compared to HTML. So, make your website an attractive one it is imperative to use CSS.

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