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Unique Computer Repair Thousand Oaks

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Unique Computer Repair Thousand Oaks

This information may be sent to the manufacturer as proof of a problem if the PSU is under warranty. Consider replacing the PSU as an option if this is suspected.

Worn capacitors can lead to random restarts. Perhaps a certain task from Computer Repair Thousand Oaks like virus scanning could trigger a restart due to the extra work involved with file scanning that it places on the mainboard. Capacitors can be replaced though if under warranty usually the complete motherboard will be swapped over. If the system is a few years old, consider completely replacing the board.rd.
Infections are quite common and they can certainly cause a great deal of corruption to the operating system. Use an up to date virus scanner and perform a full scan to rule out infection. Consider seeking professional services to remove any infections or reinstallation of the operating system is another alternative. Visit your motherboard manufacturers web site and check if your BIOS version is the current release. Many times BIOS releases are made to update system stability and improve compatibility with peripheral devices or the operating system, so do not skip this important step. Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully when updating the BIOS.

Finally if a faulty driver is suspected do some research online for all your peripheral devices and download and install the latest drivers. Some drivers may require you boot Windows in safe mode to install the new or correct driver.

Following the above systematic process will detect 95% of instability problems and should point you in the right direction to rectify your PC problems.

If you have regularly been using  computer repair thousand oaks for more than two years, it seems that eventually you will have to reinstall Windows, because it becomes unstable over time.

There are several reasons why a computer will be slowing down: files become disordered, unnecessary software fills up useful space, there are too many files not being used anymore, the Windows registry is overflowing with rubbish or you have a computer trying to load all the applications installed on it at startup.

A sudden slowdown and instability might be caused by a malicious program you picked up on an internet surfing expedition.

The decision you will have to make is how much of a reinstallation you want to perform. Do you want to reinstall only Windows, or the whole system? It has been my experience that a complete reinstallation of Windows and all the applications you make use of is the only real way to ensure your computer has a clean start and it will then be just about the same as the day you bought it.

Installing Windows from scratch, including reformatting the hard disk, then reinstalling all your applications, setting up and tweaking the computer to your taste, is a lot of work and will take some hours of your time. Sometimes more than a day.

I have also learned the hard way that it is necessary to install everything in a certain sequence and not leave anything for later. Some drivers and applications must be loaded before others. I have, on one occasion, lost the sound and on another, I couldn’t get the network working properly. On both occasions I had to start over from scratch.

If you think that you don’t want to go through all that hassle then you can always try to do a Windows repair install.