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Difference in scrap newspaper prices

December 31, 2016 by Posted in: plasticproductsrecycledrecycling

In panaji itself there is a lot of variation in the prices of newspapers which are sold as raddhi. Most of the scrap dealers who go from door to door are offering a lower rate for newspapers usually Rs 7 per kg.
However a scrap dealer is circulating a flyer offering Rs 9 per kg for newspapers. he is also promising to weigh the newspapers accurately using a digital weighing scale.
In larger metro cities like Mumbai, the cost of the paper depends on the language of the paper , with raddhi walas offering a better price for english newspaper as the quality of the newsprint is usually higher compared to hindi,marathi newspapers, as the english newspaper readers are more well off. In mumbai, the newspapers are sent to factories in Vapi and elsewhere for recycling so the raddhi walas are fairly aggressive.
It is not known where the raddhi walas of goa are selling the newspapers, they are often used for wrapping fruits, vegetables and other stuff.