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Scrap vehicles litter cities, not recycled

Some cities and towns, especially those with a high vehicle density are littered with discarded or scrap vehicles, whose owner has abandoned them. The body of the vehicle will get rusted over a period of time, and in some cases plants will grow on the vehicle. The local authorities do not make an effort to identify the vehicle owner, or get them recycled.

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Officials too busy stalking women to manage, recycle waste

In panaji, goa some of the most competent officials have no other work, other than stalk a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor continuously trying to cause her mental stress out of hatred and greed, with vehicles deployed, people instigated to spit in front of her.
In the same city there is a lot of waste scattered on the footpaths, including broken glass pieces , glass bottles because there are no resources available to collect the waste and get rid of it efficiently. Stalking a harmless citizen daily repeatedly is an extremely non productive activity, yet the officials waste resources, tax payer money and continue to do so daily, while ignoring the more pressing problems like managing waste, recycling it efficiently.

Broken glass bottles/waste litters footpaths, roads

As increasingly government employees especially in raw/cbi in goa are faking their engineering degrees, experience, waste management in goa, especially in panaji, remains the greatest casualty of vyapam type fraud in Indian intelligence agencies. Though the indian government may pay these frauds like goan gsb diploma holder sidhi gadkar, fraud goan gsb housewife riddhi nayak, goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver bsc sunaina, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, the salary and powers of a btech 1993 EE degree holder because of the fake references of powerful fraud ntro officials, there is no improvement in education or experience level of these pampered well connected frauds.
The entrance to one of the poshest areas in panaji, goa continues to be littered with waste, and broken beer bottles litter the footpath at times, reflecting the poor waste and recyclage management practices in the city, though top officials, allegedly bribed by google,tata falsely boast about the fake resume, experience of shameless fraud raw/cbi employees faking their engineering degrees, experience.

Fraud goan R&AW/CBI employees causing recycling problem

Goa is the only state in India where the local officials will falsely claim that lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced CBI/R&AW employees sex bribe givers like obc slut bsc sunaina, goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, housewives like goan gsb fraud riddhi who looks like kangana ranaut, semi literate naina, veena, nayanshree are experienced engineers with a btech 1993 degree to give these mediocre frauds great powers,lucrative salaries at the expense of the experienced obc engineer with a btech 1993 EE degree.
Though the shameless fraud top officials allegedly bribed by google, tata may waste tax payer money repeating their lies for more than 5 years, these section 420 cheater R&AW/CBI employees do not know the abc of engineering, as they have never worked as engineers. Like fake doctors can cause the death of patients, the fraud google tata sponsored fraud engineer CBI/R&AW employees in goa will not be able to solve any engineering problem, causing the accumulation of waste

Fake engineers affect recycling adversely

In some places like goa, bengaluru, powerful fraud officials will falsely claim that their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives are experienced engineer to steal the resume of their brilliant classmate who they hate, to get these fraud women lucrative intelligence agency jobs. These fraud women do not know the abc of engineering, as they have never worked as engineers, and it will directly affect the way they operate. For example if a competent and experienced engineer was given great powers in panaji, goa , they would ensure that the discarded bottles and other junk would be recycled quickly instead of littering public places, affecting the safety and appearance of the place.

However security and intelligence agency officials in goa allegedly falsely claim that the goan gsb frauds riddhi diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, slim goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver bsc sunaina, housewife naina, nayanshree, veena, asmita patel, ruchika and other frauds have the btech 1993 EE degree and resume of an experienced brilliant obc engineer, to give all these mediocre inexperienced frauds great powers.

In public places like lakesides, many empty beer bottles of carlsberg, cyborg, kingfisher are lying discard for a long time as no dustbin also has been placed. Trees and bushes which have been cut clutter the footpath for months due to poor planning. As a result, the public places in the city are become dirtier as no plans are in place to collect and recycle discarded waste and these incompetent fraud engineers, cannot do anything to improve the city, wasting their time and tax payer money to stalk, harass and defame, the experienced single woman obc engineer they are impersonating

Beer bottles not recycled quickly

Many tourists visit goa for consuming cheap beer, whisky and alchoholic drinks, yet few steps are taken to ensure that the beer, drink, bottles and cans do not litter the place. In larger cities, these glass bottles or cans are collected almost immediately because the raddhi wala or scrap shop will pay a premium for the beer, whisky bottles. In middle class households with drinkers , the drink bottle will be collected by the servant of the house, who will sell it and get some extra money.

However in Goa, the empty drink bottles like Carlsberg and Royal Challenge remain littered on the footpath and drains for a long time. Not only do they make the place look dirty, during the monsoon the drains get clogged, resulting in flooding of the area. So there is an urgent need of an official who will arrange for trash collection from public areas or at least formulate rules to regulate junk dumped in public areas.

In larger cities, they will pay Rs 1 or more per bottle, why are efficient recycling systems not introduced elsewhere

Getting My Photos Organized Finally

When I decide to do something, I like to jump right on it rather than procrastinate. That is why I was looking at scanning software a few days ago. I decided that it was high time to finally scan all of the pictures I have accumulated over the years because they were getting damaged in their present forms. The last time I looked at a photo album, I noticed that the quality of some of the pictures was starting to degrade, and I knew that I wanted to scan all of them before I looked one day and it was just not going to be possible to do that anymore.

I had heard good things about a program called ScanSpeeder, but I had never used it myself. I wanted to see what all it was capable of handling before spending any money on it, and that allowed me to find out that it truly is the best one for me. I like that I can put more than one photo on the scan bed at a time. (more…)

Getting My Daughter a Laptop on Cyber Monday

My daughter is in 6th grade, and I cannot believe the amount of homework she is given every day. She comes home with at least an hour’s worth every night, and sometimes it is much longer. She loves it though, which makes me very happy. She has been using the desktop computer that we all use, but I wanted to get her a laptop for Christmas this year. I figured I would wait and see what the best laptop offers for Cyber Monday are, knowing that I would probably not get a better deal than what the different stores offer on that day.

I was wishing that I could see what the deals were like last year, and I realized that I might be able to do it. I know that nothing is completely erased from the Internet so I did a search to see if I could look at last year’s deals, just to give me an idea what sort of deals I might be able to get this year. When I did my search, I was surprised to be taken to a site that is already promoting this year’s Cyber Monday sales. (more…)

Shiny New Pipes for an Old Home

That moment when you open your front door and find not the warm comfort of your home but instead the rushing wave of water flooding beyond you as it swirls and eddies around your ankles is the last moment that you want to have. It’s my own fault, really it is, and the fact that I had not allowed the water to run while I was at work despite the freezing temperatures caused the pipes to burst. Clearly in the back of my mind I was hoping to get an indoor pool. Calling the plumber in Essex County NJ resulted in laughter. Lots and lots of laughter.

I’m thankful that at least someone can have a sense of humor about all of this because I was displeased you could say. Displeased might be a nicer word because I had promptly shut the door as the water came rushing forward, turned around to head back to my car and cursed. A lot. A lot of cursing. I think I may have even invented some new words. (more…)

Recycling to make plant fertilizer

Looking for information or advice on how to recycle household waste to make fertilizer or soil for growing plants. Household waste can be classified into
egg shells
fish and meat waste
vegetable peeling, skin
rotting fruit and vegetable
Tea and coffee residue
If vermicomposting will not be possible, would like to know the other options to accelerate the decay of the unwanted or kitchen waste to make the soil.
There should be no odour generated in the process

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