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Recycled paper available

Handmade recycled paper available for sale at a low price .
The paper can be used for painting and other art work
Can be made in any dimensions as specified
Please send your requirement to

Wealthy people discard a lot of scrap material

Usually people with less money, can purchase expensive items only occassionally and make them last for a very long time, sometimes decades. On the other hand , those with lot of money are able to discard their older items fairly often, and purchase the newest items and models. Looking at the junk from a particular household is an indication of the wealth or lack of wealth in the home. So in posh areas, many new or almost new items are discarded in the waste regularly.
For example almost new toys and furniture are often junked by people with a lot of money. In one posh residential area, in panaji, goa someone had discard a pair of brand new jeans at the entrance of the area , dumping it in the footpath along with other waste around 14 March 2017. The jeans would have cost at least Rs 500 each. In families with limited funds, old cloth is used for wiping and other purposes, it is not discarded. Only after a few weeks, some scrap collectors appear to have taken away the jeans.

Used newspapers required

Fruitseller in Panaji, Goa looking for suppliers of used newspapers for wrapping fruits
Can pay in kind in the form of fruits of an equivalent amount
Rate offered: Rs 8/kg
For address of fruit seller please send an email to
Second hand books required by other buyers also

Blender for making recycled paper

One of the methods for making recycled paper available online has the following steps,
tear waste paper into small pieces
using a blender a to make a slurry of the waste paper
pouring the slurry on a fine wire mesh so that all the water is drained and only recycled paper is remaining

The mixer, blender jar which will be used for making slurry cannot be used for other applications like food preparation, so the cheapest model is recommended

The cheapest mixer grinder available online is the Pigeon 550 W mixer grinder with 3 jars. It operated satisfactorily without any load, now it has to be tested with a load.

Difference in scrap newspaper prices

In panaji itself there is a lot of variation in the prices of newspapers which are sold as raddhi. Most of the scrap dealers who go from door to door are offering a lower rate for newspapers usually Rs 7 per kg.
However a scrap dealer is circulating a flyer offering Rs 9 per kg for newspapers. he is also promising to weigh the newspapers accurately using a digital weighing scale.
In larger metro cities like Mumbai, the cost of the paper depends on the language of the paper , with raddhi walas offering a better price for english newspaper as the quality of the newsprint is usually higher compared to hindi,marathi newspapers, as the english newspaper readers are more well off. In mumbai, the newspapers are sent to factories in Vapi and elsewhere for recycling so the raddhi walas are fairly aggressive.
It is not known where the raddhi walas of goa are selling the newspapers, they are often used for wrapping fruits, vegetables and other stuff.

Scrap buyers not purchasing glass bottles in Goa

In Panaji, there are relatively few scrap shops which are purchasing old newspapers, magazines, and other scrap material . Most of the scrap buyers have a handcart and are roaming around with the handcart in residential colonies, so that people can sell their scrap to these dealers. However the rate for scrap material offered by these scrap dealers remains comparatively lower.
In all other states , there is a significant demand for glass bottles, and the scrap dealer will usually pay Rs 1 for each bottle according to their website. However in goa, the footpaths are littered with empty glass whisky, beer bottles, so the scrap dealers are not paying for glass bottles. They are only paying sellers for newspapers, magazines and plastic bottles

Raddiwale scrap rates

From pricing of scrap

Newspaper Rs.9/Kg
Books Rs.9/Kg
Cardboard Rs.8/Kg
Raw Plastic Rs.15/Kg
Plastic Bottle Rs.15/Kg

Glass bottle pricing is Rs 1 per bottle

Scrap rates at Extra Carbon

Rates offered by ExtraCarbon
Some of the rates offered by Extra Carbon (according to their mailer received in August 2016) are higher than the market rate in small towns . For example in small towns like Panaji,Goa the local raddiwala is only offering Rs7-8 per kg of newspaper, plastic and glass bottles appear to have no demand.
(Rates per kg unless specified)
Newspaper – Rs 12
Carton – Rs 8
Magazines – Rs 8
Books – Rs 8
Notebooks- Rs 8
Plastic Rs 12
Glass bottle – Rs 1 per unit
Iron – Rs 14
Steel – Rs 25
Copper – Rs 280
Brass – Rs 200
aluminium – Rs 70
Tin- Rs 10

ExtraCarbon recycling

ExtraCarbon is a new startup offering to pay for scrap at homes
It is catering mainly to National Capital Region – Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon
Some of the products which are purchasing are
Glass bottle
Other similar startups or websites can contact for a free listing

Fewer scrap shops in small towns

In large metro cities there are a large number of scrap and junk shops which collect any kind of waste like
– old newspapers
– magazines
– notebooks
– loose paper
– plastic bottles
– glass bottles
– scrap metal
– scrap electronics

In small towns like panaji, goa there appear to be very few scrap shops as a result most waste is discarded into the dustbin increasing the load on the junk, discarded system. For example a few days ago, the entire school book set was noticed on the ground near the parking area, making it difficult to walk in the ara . In larger towns the family discarding the school books would have given the books to others in need like servants or sold to the neighbourhood scrap shop to get a few extra rupees.